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Unlimited Everything for only
$ 24 99 per month
Save more by paying every 12 months
We Promise To Keep It Simple
We Promise To Keep It Simple

Oprius exists in order to simplify all of your business activities so that you can focus on building relationships and moving your product or service.

That means that you get Unlimited Contacts, Unlimited Groups, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Tasks, Unlimited Phone Calls, Unlimited Appointments. Simple Enough?

Oprius is Free for 30 Days, then only $24.99/month, regardless of what you put in your account or how you use it.

Here is the pricing breakdown:

Pay every month - $24.99 per month
Pay every 6 months - $129.99 per 6 months (save $39.90 per year)
Pay every 12 months - $199.88 per 12 months (save $100 per year)

Get Oprius Free Earn Free Oprius

Refer your friends and earn a free month for each person you refer to Oprius. When they pay for their account, we credit yours with a free month.